Saturday, May 1, 2010

Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust

Sandy in her comments to my Fine Lines post earlier, added a link to a YouTube vid of part of the Close Up documentary series, this bit on Dunedin students finding out about how the study of cemeteries and their stories can be interesting. I heard during the vid playback that the walk was led by Stewart Harvey of the Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust. Check out the website: the trust put out information on the conservation of historic cemeteries, which I find fascinating.

Thanks, Sandy! Another link for the list ...


  1. No problem at al :-) It's rather funny because a few weeks back i was doing random searches and came up with their website. Stewart's home address rung a bell so i did further research... turns out it is David Bains old street address 65 Every Street... i guess it's the section where the house was...are there 2 Every Streets? just made me realise all the random bits of stuff we as historians/genealogists store in the back of our heads :-)

  2. I totally agree, Sandy. I reckon there's bits sticking out of the corners of my internal filing cabinets still waiting to spring out in all their randomness, even now. Helps when I'm public speaking, though. I just have to watch that things don't end up like a Ronnie Corbett monologue ... ;-)

  3. LOLOL too funny.... Arkwrights till in open all hours springs to mind.