Thursday, February 24, 2011

Broken Churches

Just putting up a link to Presbyterian Archives' post on St Paul's Trinity Pacific Church, and its sad fate during the 22 February 'quake.

From Cylopedia of New Zealand:

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Christchurch. 
This is one of the finest churches in the city. It has sitting accommodation for 1000 persons. The interior of the church is very handsome and striking, but, like all Presbyterian churches, devoid of much internal ornamentation. There is a fine organ, which cost £800, and the choir is one of the best trained in Christchurch. A handsome room has recently been built and opened in connection with the church, for holding a young men's Bible class, which numbers eighty-four. Both St. Paul's Church and manse are now well nigh free from debt.

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  1. My parents married here in 1959 :( again... words fail me about how many beautiful buildings we've lost and will lose. I cannot imagine what it is going to be like visiting and not seeing these landmarks that have always been there for me and many thousands of others.

    A blog i did on a suspicious fire at the church in 2009

    And here is a blog i did which shows my parents at the church [my great grandma Emma is also shown standing behind my mum...she was the one who wed in the Knox Church in 1910 as mentioned in your post regarding the Knox Church].