Monday, February 21, 2011

More Newmarket street art

Passing through Newmarket last Saturday, I had a chance to get shots of two pieces of street art there that I've missed before now.

This is  "The World Grasped" by Terry Stringer, bronze 2006. Stringer was quoted, with referemnce to the sculpture:

"My sculpture has a series of images that are revealed to the viewer as they circle the work. From one direction is seen the head of a boy resting on his hand in thought. From another this hand is seen to be plucking an apple. And from a third direction, this apple is the world supported on the shoulders of Atlas.

"The idea of the work is to engage the passer-by with its changing appearance. The two images of a monumental scale face the traffic in each direction, while a life sized figure stands on the pedestrian side of the footpath. This makes the work something of a puzzle to encounter in a busy street.

"The message of the quoted text, written on the side of the piece, encourages the viewer to continue with the experience of the world around them. And with its emphasis on touch, this makes a case for more sculpture to be part of that world, endorsing the work of the Newmarket Arts Trust."

Meanwhile, across the road -- another painted box.


  1. Thanks for the info about the Stringer sculpture, Lisa: I'd seen the 'face' part of it but must have been racing past, not stopping to examine it from all sides. Next time I'm there I'll look properly. I thought perhaps you were a bit hard on the eggs but I must say I find this work vastly preferable.

  2. I've mentioned to someone I know who said they were about to visit Newmarket recently -- "Go see the Teed Street eggs!" So, yeah, I have a hard opinion on them --- but I'm helping to make 'em famous! :-)