Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My thoughts are on Christchurch

I took this photo in March 2007. Today, the spire to Christchurch's Anglican Cathedral is rubble.

When the city was struck with the 7.2 last year, I mourned the lost heritage.

Today, there are reported deaths. The 6.3 earthquake struck at the worst of times, lunchtime on a summer's day. Buses and cars have been crushed.

Beyond that, right now, I have no words. Read Chris Trotter's post at least, for eloquence. The city, and its residents, do not deserve all of this.

Further: the epicentre was beneath Lyttleton, which has also been severely damaged -- and aftershocks are continuing.


  1. It came through on my feed today. It was a terrible shock to know that it had happened again after barely such a short time. My Niece's husband was unaccounted for. Thankfully he has sent a txt message saying he is okay. I have friends there I have heard from and I am worried. It's a terrible day today for Christchurch thinking of everyone there in that beautiful city now again in ruins. Heartbroken this could have happened. No they didn't deserve this. Thanks for the post and that photo is wonderful thanks for sharing Lisa

  2. It's such a devastating few seconds, with so much lost :(