Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back Roads and Timespanner blogs referenced by NZHPT report

Always nice to see what a bit of puddling around with NZ history will do.

Back in July last year, I did a post on the Kakaraea Church at Tanoa, the remains of the Gittos Cathedral. Liz of Mad Bush Farm fame did a post on her Back Roads blog about the church back in 2008. Both blogs were listed on the bibliography of the registration report done by NZ Historic Places Trust about the church, prepared last year by Stuart Park.

The latest newsletter from NZHPT now advises that the church has been registered, Category II, by the Trust.


  1. Nice work girls :-))))


  2. It's a real buzz when this happens, isn't it! Go, girls! (Hmmm, maybe someone could make a TV series outta that...)