Monday, May 23, 2011

Rail views from the past

Bryan Blanchard has once again given permission for me to share his images here -- thanks, Bryan!

Above is G 100, one of six "G" class three-cylinder Pacifics, which in turn had been made up from cutting up three class G Garratts in 1937. From Bryan's email: "G100 was one of the class  – was a rebuilt from the 3 Garrett locomotives NZR brought, but were not suitable – converted into G locomotives some years later, but were not popular with the loco crews when they used them – photo taken not long before they were cut up – they came to Timaru too, but I can’t remember them – too young."

The locos were finally written off in 1956 -- which was around the time this photo was taken.

(above) "Timaru loco = 3 Dj's."

(above) "Vulcan railcar in the Linwood servicing depot." Vulcan railcars, named after the Vulcan Foundry where they were made, arrived in New Zealand during World War II, in 1940. They were only withdrawn officially from service in 1978, with some preserved at rail museums.

"The Vulcan rail car – 10 were ordered – 9 arrived in NZ, one was on a boat sunk in world War 2 by the Germans – 3 are left, 1 at the Plains Railway, Tinwald, Ashburton & 2 are at Ferrymead."

(above) "The rail car on the West coast line – is a Drewey/ Fiat engine twin set rail car from UK – none were saved, but one is being rebuilt from bits in the North Island + hopefully will be operating soon."

Another photo here.

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