Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A blogger on the telly

Further to my earlier post this year, Getting cooked atop Mt Albert ...

The television episode all that was for, My House My Castle, screened last night. I daren't watch it -- but I summoned up the courage to take a look just now, via TVNZ's On Demand service. A good episode -- and kudo to the producers and editors: they made me not look half bad.

Thanks to all who've contacted me about it today. I'll go back to my room, now. :-)

Update: Forgot to add, this is only available to view from NZ. Sorry 'bout that, West Islanders.


  1. We on the far western island are not allowed to watch it. We can watch the ads though. I am sure you acquitted yourself well.

  2. I've just watched - you did good ::))

  3. oh oh ohhh i missed this post! Tis late now but i'll have a gander tomorra :)

    Have a great day morrow L