Monday, August 1, 2011

Lytlleton's Timeball Station on Facebook

Further to this previous post.

This, from the latest newsletter by the NZ Historic Places Trust.

Work to dismantle the Timeball Station is progressing amid continuing aftershocks that are rendering the remainder of the building and some areas around the site increasingly unstable. Wherever possible dressed stone, stone blocks, whole bricks and timber are being salvaged, recorded and stored off site and it is hoped that some of this material can be included in any future building on the site.

The mechanism and timeball, which were badly damaged in the 13 June quake, are also being stored off site and a metal detector may be used to locate any pieces missing in the rubble. Once the building has been taken down, the site will be made tidy and damaged retaining walls repaired.

Their special Facebook page, with updates on the work in progress along with images, can be found here.

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