Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rosebank Peninsula Study (Stage 1)

In 2008 the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society commissioned John Adam, landscape historian, to undertake Stage 1 of a study about Rosebank Peninsula here in Avondale. It was completed early this year, but -- it's taken me this long to finally finish necessary editing, formatting etc.

It is available to read online here at Scribd. If anyone has problems with the Scribd site (registration, ads, whatever) and would like the 11.6 MB .pdf file direct, just send an email to and I'll pass the digital copy on to you.

I will also organise a limited number of hardcopies for library reference sections here in Auckland and (of course, with Legal Deposit) Wellington.

Now, though, rather than take a breather -- it's on to commence the start of Stage 2, a broader history of the area including schools, churches, residential areas and industrial development. If anyone out there is interested in taking part or has information to contribute, let me know, please.