Sunday, August 28, 2011

Painted sheep at Mangere

I was at Mangere Bridge today, attending an NZ Federation of Historical Societies meeting.  Afterwards, Val Payne from the Mangere Historical Society, our hosts, took us on a bit of a tour of site around the area. One of the places was the Villa Maria Estate.

There -- a group of painted sheep (very large sheep, so large they seemed more like cows, but Liz at Mad Bush Farm has rightly corrected me. The previous post was deleted), decorated with various aspects of Kiwiana, landscapes, native flora and fauna and other designs caught my eye. Given the opportunity to photograph them, I took it.

If you anywhere near Mangere and the Villa Maria Estate -- visit the sheep. These are just awesome. They're on display at the Memorial Gardens from 1 September to 5 October according to this.


  1. They are very cool sheep Lisa. Thanks for sharing the pics of these. The art of these is tunning. Love it.

  2. 'Tunning' I mean STUNNING...*shoot me at dawn syndrome comes to mind*