Monday, October 3, 2011

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Okay, for any of my readers out there who missed the last identifiable photo of yours truly, namely regarding the old Rosebank Road toilets in Avondale .... I'm online again, via this article from out of the Aucklander. This year has been weird; my name went up on a wall in Pt Chevalier, I think I've been photographed for the the Aucklander twice (there was also the Avondale Train Station thing), once for the Western Leader, quoted three times in the Aucklander (the reserves signage thing), and filmed up on Mt Owairaka in January for My House My Castle. Not to mention around 14 talks and presentations, up as far as Orewa, and out east as far as Howick. No. 15 is coming up next month.

No wonder I feel tired right now ...

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  1. Y'know it has kind of a nice ring to least they did not call you what I get called...LOL Big hug!