Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The revamping of Totara Ave, New Lynn

 I visit Totara Avenue regularly, mainly because the Whau Local Board have their offices there, and I attend the monthly meetings to keep abreast of what's happening in the area. I forged through the Somme-like environment of trenches and temporary bridges over clay mud that was the avenue while the construction of the new "shared space" went ahead earlier this year. This week, with daylight saving, was the first real opportunity for a few blog shots.

This is from March, as work was beginning. All the buildings you see in the image, aside from one extreme left (former BNZ building) are up for demolition as part of the new "Merchant Quarter" in New Lynn.

They've added art to the revamp, which is great, and used the works of ceramic artist Peter Lange

I have seen his "Curmudgeon" piece before at Corban Arts Centre in Henderson (above) -- but at that time couldn't see the two additional "Tut tut" pieces of the full work.

 Looking towards the end of the avenue. Do they still call the far grassy area Todd Triangle?

Well, that's as I know it, even if not. Here on Todd Triangle, they've removed the cool painted control box I waded through the brush to photograph at the end of the triangle back in October 2009 (although Derek Battersby of the WLB, when I mentioned it, said it had been saved and relocated ... somewhere ...). But, they've stalled Peter Lange's brick artwork. I can forgive them.

Above, and below is -- a tent. Part of his "Tokens from the game", made from bricks, epoxy and steel.

 Camera. My favourite piece, this.

A dodgem car. Also serving as a likely rubbish receptacle, inadvertently ...

And .. a bell.

Just to finish this off -- I do like the bike by the bike stands. But the ones in Hastings are funkier.


  1. oh dear I only live up the road and I haven't ventured there yet -
    going from your last few posts I wonder how long before they decide these shared spaces aren't a good idea and replace them with high rise glass buildings.
    I didn't know the buildings were up for demo -
    I AM proud/happy/pleased with the changes in New Lynn over the past 12 years I've lived here

  2. Hi Cat,

    Yup -- that Totara Ave block is destined to be some kind of retail/multi-storey carpark thing. The New Lynn library had models of "before" and "after" on display for a while.

  3. Well those are awesome! I'll add those on to the 'must see' list. Funny I recognised where you were talking about straight away from the buildings in the background. Not too much on that side of things has changed. Looks great the new area. Can't wait to get there and see it sometime over the summer (I hope!)