Monday, October 10, 2011

A Time Machine at Mt Roskill Shops

 Between a car park and Dominion Road, at Mt Roskill shops, a walkway is adorned by a colourful mural, called "Time Machine", by artist Adrian Jackman.

"Artist Adrian Jackman designed the 28m-long artwork called Time Machine with input from Dominion Road School. Time Machine pays tribute to local icons such as local legend Arthur Lydiard and a Dominion Road tram. The mural creates a focal point along the walkway between Mt Roskill shops and the car park, adding to town centre improvements including new paving and a Mt Roskill entrance sign."

 Stevenson's Rocket in Mt Roskill? Well, why not?

 A bit of local here -- the Griffen Brothers had vast strawberry fields, and a dairy business, near Lynfield.

 My favourite is the Dom Road tram.

If you're going to have a time machine, you need a Delorean, don't you?

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