Friday, December 23, 2011

A convenience preserved?

Further to A Matter of Convenience -- earlier post on the endangered Rosebank Road loos at Avondale which date from 1942.

It's a bit early to celebrate just yet, but the Whau Local Board decided on 13 December to look into upgrading the building, getting rid of the public toilet facilities at the front, putting a new frontage on, and converting the building's shell into a community facility. It will take a considerable sum of money, including consultant's fees, to do it (whereas demolition is a snip at $30,000 or so) but -- I'm very pleased that folks at Council and on the Local Board have taken my appeals earlier this year on behalf of the Avondale-Waterview Historical on board and considered what might be done to enhance our community with the building, instead of straight out demolish and sell.

The news is a nice Christmas present for Avondale. But, as I said, the chickens can't all be counted yet. If the costs prove too high, compared to the benefits, if a tenant community group can't be found, well -- things will just have to go the way of the wrecking equipment. Next year will be interesting.

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