Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lost Property, and Newton's Stories

Another site I came across recently -- Lost Property.

‘Lost Property’ is a rediscovery of unique houses, stories and pieces of history – a site for researchers, students and anyone who wants to know about lost and ‘at risk’ iconic houses, people, paintings and stories from our recent past. Combining historical imagery and in-depth research, ‘Lost Property’ connects the art and the writer to the room in the house in that it was conceived ! (Enter) the kitchens, bedrooms and hallways in which history and a new era was given voice.

I came across it while doing some research into architects and their work -- and found it fascinating. Here you'll see a list of the country's architects, and other lists still in development. As I usually say when I post about other sites I've spotted -- worth a look.

Another site of interest in Newton's Stories. No, not about Sir Isaac -- this, in a few pages, gives the reader a snapshot brief history of the suburb of Newton, the place of Karangahape Road, and a residential area mostly gone to the motorway development of the late 20th century. The site includes research links of interest, to lead the reader off on their own trail of discovery. Simple, well-illustrated, and nicely done.

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