Saturday, December 31, 2011

Timbers Fortune -- the rough notes

Like so many other interests I let myself get involved in, the story of Henderson's origins in the 19th century just hasn't come to full fruition. Yet. But -- I like to share what I find (which is why Timespanner is here). So -- here, on Scribd, is the result of two years of going utterly bonkers gathering up information on Henderson's roots. This, though, is not all of it, and I'll be adding to and updating the notes on a regular basis. Besides, as with any research project on West Auckland's story, more always comes along as the years go by ...

If anyone wants the digital file sent via email, just drop me a line.


  1. Woohoo, well done!
    Congrats on all your hard work :)

  2. I should dig out the photos I took in the mid 1980s of all the marks in the sandstone at the mill site.

  3. If you do Darian, I'll put up some of my photos from late 2010, to compare.

  4. There were gouges and pole holes where things had been inserted into the flatbed and I seem to remember some metal. Not much else left as far as remnants. At that time it was pretty much overgrown and forgotten. There may have been a wrecked old council plaque at that time pointing out the site though.