Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking down Victoria Street West

Another card, this time purchased from an English dealer. Dating it is interesting -- the card is a photocard, meant for an album, so has no date. The carrier box just underneath Macky Logan Caldwell at the right, however, was in the middle of the street until 1944, when Auckland City Council voted to remove it and put it on the northern side. The box could have been shifted again to the south side, by the time this image was taken. So, late 1940s? There still seems to be tram lines on Queen Street, so it's before 1956. (Opinions welcome from readers!)

People, cars, verandahs, ornate street lights ...

In the 1910s, there was a taxi stand on Victoria Street East (see below) -- in this image, that has been replaced by a men's loo. That's gone now, as well. Up the top, council workers seem to be forming the footpath we have today at the base of Albert Park.

Winkelmann image, 10 November 1919, reference 1-W1673, Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Library

The carrier stand, moved to the footpath. Probably not too far away from disappearing into history as well.

Details on buildings long gone.

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