Thursday, June 13, 2013

Queen Street in 1935: "a great new world"

I bought this card off Ebay from an American dealer the other day. Finally in my hands, I love it on a lot of different levels. The text on the back is intriguing enough. Fred Blair seems to have known a Mr Crocker of the Florida National Bank in St Petersburg, Florida. He wrote on the back of the card, "No American facilities here as yet -- a great new world with a beautiful semi-tropical climate."

The street scenes on this card would probably give Auckland Transport's boffins a dose of the vapours.

"Travel by Train -- Safety & Comfort."  A neon sign? If so, it must have looked a treat lit up. A reminder of the romantic age of steam.

The tall building, semi-obscured by the photo's dimming, is Milne & Choyce.

Folks can't park like this today without having a hefty panel beating bill ...

Parapets and people. A bloke far below, reading something ...


  1. More than just cool even AWESOME is an understatement. Just priceless to say the least.

  2. Love to see the neon sign working. No doubt you've looked already.

  3. A bit hard to do that, Andrew, when that was in 1935 ... :)

  4. There were film cameras then, but yes, most unlikely.