Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lower Queen Street: a mass of trams and cars

Another early photocard, this one coming via America, showing Quay Street, looking up Queen Street. Endeans Building on the right, next to that the CPO, with Dilworth's Building across Customs Street in the centre. Right, buildings on the site of the Downtown Centre today.

A City Council traffic officer guiding the traffic. Royal Oak, Mt Albert and Auckland Zoo trams. On the front Mt Albert tram, an ad for Gracie Fields. The time on the clock could be either 11 am, or 11.55 am.

Lovely sign for Paragon Outfitters Ltd, "Mercers & Outfitters" on the Endean Building. Lots of foot traffic outside the post office building.

The train advertisement from the 1935 Queen Street view is in this one too, along with an ad for Winstones.

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