Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Coat hanger view

This view, seen from the slope of St Mary's Road, made me stop in my tracks. On a fine Auckland day, with the waters of the Waitemata sparkling in the sun, a view of the harbour bridge and the lines of moored boats in the marina close to where St Mary's Bay used to be, just seemed awesome to me.

Along with Rangitoto Island, the oldest icon, and the Skytower (newest), this view means Auckland to me. Which to me, of course, means home, so no wonder I have a bit of a soft spot for cliched symbols like the ol' Coat Hanger. If I'd have been alive when that bridge opened (and old enough not to be in a stroller), I'd have gone over that bridge on opening day. My mother had been in the country 11 months by May 1959 when the bridge was completed, but I don't think she joined the walkers. That must have been an amazing day.

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