Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trams rule

"How long," folks who know me would ask, "will it be before she goes sticking a picture of a train or a tram in that Timespanner blog of hers?" Well, the answer is four days. Mainly because I restrained myself admirably from showing to the wide world that I do love trams.

I rode the tram circuit at Christchurch in 2007, small though it may be, a number of times. If I get to go down there again, I'll be back on them, because I love trams. I was entranced in Melbourne, 2006, watching trams passing, outside the central library there. The sights, the sounds -- loved it.

Trams to me are like time travelling. I've been very kindly shown around MOTAT workshops by the volunteers there, and taken on board carriages they were working on at the time. Magic stuff. Something about trams to me just illustrates the story of Australasian urban history. A lot of people have ridden in the old trams lovingly restored in this country, both before decommissioning and restoration, and since. To me, trams will always rule.

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