Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunken dreams

The plaque alongside these amazing sculptures in Ponsonby's Western Park reads:
"Permanent trisculptural installation by New Zealand sculptor John Radford. These works have been inspired by the changing face of Auckland's urban landscape. Each of these three sculptures (and the interiors inside sculptures One and Two) are based on Auckland buildings demolished in the 1980s. Vic, Sculpture One, based on the building that stood at 48-53 Victoria Street, Auckland, 1880s-1985. Teatube, interior of Sculpture One, a reinterpretation of the Skyroom which existed on the 5th floor, 125 Queen Street, Auckland, 1929-1984. TIP was funded by an anonymous benefactor, 1999."
I haven't yet been lucky enough to see that interior. Last time I tried, I think the lightbulb was burned out or something. The lawn around the plaque could do with a bit of a trim as well. Still, I do like the sculptures. I'll bet tourists wonder what on earth happened in that part of Western Park, with all the sunken buildings ...

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