Sunday, September 28, 2008

Living heritage/hitori @ Avondale Primary School

Within the last couple of years, I was involved, along with another Avondale historian Ron Oates (head of the Avondale History Group and author of Challenge of the Whau, back in 1994) in Avondale Primary School's Living Heritage project. It was a blast. Avondale Primary is my old school (I was there from '68 to '74, just in case you're interested, and was the youngest person at last year's Primary School Reunion in November. Not that I cared about that!)

Local history should have a higher profile in our education system up to and including secondary level than it does today. Yes, I know, I'm biased because I love the stuff, but seriously -- a study of local history can and does involve knowledge in the subjects of and not limited to: social history, technological progress, geography, geology, computer literacy, and just out-and-out logical thinking. At least, there's more interest today regarding including the subject in the school curriculum than there was when I was younger. This is a good thing -- but it can be better, folks.


  1. Would be cool to see him he was my principles through Avondale primary about 32 years ago