Sunday, September 20, 2009

Avondale Then & Now exhibition

A photo taken Friday, while the old 1907 Church Hall at the back of St Jude's Church was being set up. The committee members at St Jude's have done a huge amount of work setting the exhibition up -- and running a very successful and well-patronised first day yesterday.

The exhibition was a golden opportunity for the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society to display two of our treasures -- a c.1966 aerial of the Airest Factory on Rosebank Road, and our December 1957 aerial of Avondale (right).


City Councillor (and local community member) Noelene Raffills (left) did the honours in opening the exhibition at 9 o'clock yesterday morning.


Part (only a small part!) of the finished display. Excellent value for money in refreshments put on too, by the way -- in return for $5, the customer received a small cuppa, a sandwich, small meat pie, and a small cake. Plus, a chance to see a comprehensive slideshow of images from the past and present of the suburb, and chat with community membgers past and present, all of us pointing out where places were, familiar faces.

The AWHS supported the exhibition by providing images. A lot of those finally chosen came from us, which was cool to see. Some, originally colour, have been on view in their original form for the first time in public.

I've done one heritage walk in conjunction with the exhibition, starting and finishing at the church -- today is walk number 2. (I think I've recovered enough!) I'm fortunate that Auckland City Council loaned the use of an amplifier for it, otherwise last night I'd not only have been knackered, I'd have been hoarse as well!

All in all -- while I'm tired, it's been a great weekend for Avondale's local stories.

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