Sunday, September 27, 2009

Upgrading Kingsland Train Station, December 2004

 More stuff from my digital vault. This lot were taken in December 2004, according to my records.

Back then, Kingsland Station was undergoing redevelopment as they double-tracked that part of the Western Line. I took some shots on the way to work. The one above taken from what used to be Sandringham Road in the old days before the nearby overbridge was constructed. Nowadays, it serves as the entry from New North Road to the station. Historic toilet just to the left of shot.


From other side of said historic toilet, looking westward.

Lucky ol' Kingsland got to keep at least part of the old rail architecture for longer than Avondale. At least until this upgrade. Fears that the shelter would be demolished were eliminated when word came that it was to be shipped down to Glenbrook railway.

Constructing the two platforms.

Looking eastward, last sight of a single track.

This is the Sandringham Road overbridge, previously mentioned. I should see if I can check out how things may have changed since the work in 2004. Then again, from the end of this year, they'll be redeveloping Kingsland Station all over again, for the Rugby World Cup in 2011.

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  1. The little weatherboard shelter is almost identical to the ones on Clayton, Carnegie, Murrumbeena, etc, stations here in Melb.
    Glad to read they recycled it elsewhere rather than trash it :)