Sunday, September 27, 2009

Legacy of Clay

These photos come from my "vault" -- backups of images taken a digital camera ago (older and smaller, but still a good 'un) around 2004. They're of the Ambrico Kiln at Ambrico Place, New Lynn. This is just about the only relic left of the clay industry of the Avondale-Blockhouse Bay-New Lynn area that's left above ground and not covered over by newer developments.

"Ambrico" is derived from the company Amalgamated Brick (and Pipe) Company. The old kiln, dating from the 1920s, has been the scene of municipal squabbles in the recent past -- more info here.


I think I like this because of the whole "urban ruins" feel. Hopefully, it won't ever be allowed to completely collapse and lost to us forever.


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  1. The rusty machines next to this kiln are a bit of a worry.....