Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Khartoum Place

Khartoum Place, off Lorne Street in the city, is a place commemorating three struggles, really. First, the name Khartoum itself comes from the ill-fated Gordon.

The main feature commemorates another struggle -- that of New Zealand suffragettes, and their supporters, for the universal right to vote for women in this country.

Click to enlarge to read the text.

The artwork has had its own struggle to remain here in Khartoum Place, but it's still there.

Khartoum Place is a good place to take a small break from the hustle-bustle of inner city Auckland. I'm fond of the water flowing down, and really do hope that won't change. A nice place for this women's commemoration.


  1. What a great place!
    Thanks for sharing the photos :)
    It's a bit funny to see a water fountain actually working, none of ours are filled here in Melb (well, none in public places lol).

  2. Heh! Yes, I don't recall offhand seeing much in the way of fountains and such when I was there the couple of days I saw the central area. Only other places I can think of in the Auckland CBD is St Patrick's Square, and Albert Park. There was a water feature at the Aotea Square, but they're blaming it for causing the roof to leak into the carpark below.