Saturday, March 13, 2010

Australian "Signs of the Times"

I had thought of this book when Sandy sent through the link she'd come across, and now A W Molloy has written in to tell me about Our Fading Past, regarding Melbourne's old signs. Cracker of a site -- thanks!

Which brings me back to the book up above.

Purchased in Borders in Melbourne, it was one of the first books I'd ever bought outside New Zealand, from a bookstore in another country (okay, I know Borders is an international chain, but -- hey). Signs of the Times by Geoff Hocking (2005) is one of my favourite books on the land across the Tasman, and is chock full of gorgeous images from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. I'd picked up a nasty bug while heading over to Australia back in '06 (people coughing, aircraft air conditioning, etc.), and was fairly crook most of the time I was over there, but reading the book and looking at the images helped get me through. (When I got back, the doc reckoned I had pneumonia or darn close to it. See, international travel can be a hazard, folks ...)

Anyway -- despite the fact that this is a New Zealand history blog, I just thought I'd put in a recommendation for this book, for all those who are fascinated by those old ad signs fading away. See if it's still around, or check out the libraries.

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