Wednesday, March 31, 2010

St Ninian's 150th anniversary

St Ninians 150th anniversary flyer

Well, come rain or shine, the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society hope to be able to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of St Ninian's church building on 8 April 2010. (Showers and westerlies are predicted for that day -- I'm crossing fingers they either don't come between 10 and 11 that day, or the weatherman stuck the wrong finger out the utterly wrong window.)

Doesn't matter if there's only a few there on the day, just as long as awareness of our oldest building is kept up. And I, for one, keep reminding the powers-that-be that it's important to us here in Avondale.

The local Community Board have been brilliant -- they have granted the Society $720 towards the cost of printing the first 200 issues of a commemoration booklet I've pulled together. After those have gone, I'll publish the compilation online (link to come).


  1. What a fantastic format for the Flyer love the photo. So well captured. Glad to see my favourite old building is still standing. I love St Ninian's. Great post thanks for sharing. 150 years! Yes!

  2. You are too kind, as always, my dear friend! :-)

  3. What a beautiful building, your layout is lovely, Lisa :)
    Hope the turn out is good and that the weather behaves itself :)

  4. Thanks, Jayne. Just picked up the booklets today. The fingers are crossed that the weather gods are in a kindly mood next week.