Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Lynn trench station

The new trench station at New Lynn opened yesterday (but I was detoured into Waikumete Cemetery ...) .So, here's some images from Day Two.

From the Clark Street entrance. The station is still open to the sky, apart from road bridges. The rest, I expect, will be covered in soon enough.


Can't be that many train stations in New Zealand where signage bears the name of a past premier of the country -- Richard "King Dick" Seddon was known as Hetana to the Maori. The nearby Hetana Hamlet workmen's settlement was thus named after him, and then Hetana Street was named after the settlement. And now, we have the Hetana Exit from the New Lynn Train Station.

Part of Louise Purvis' artwork at the new station. More at the Auckland Trains blog.

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