Friday, March 12, 2010

Preserving the signs in cyberspace

Sandy sent an email yesterday (what would I do without you, Sandy?) about a site called Preserve, dedicated to fading typography on the walls around us. 
From the site:
"Preserve is on going project to produce a permanent visual record of hand painted building signage. Many of these are being erased from our cityscapes either being worn away by weather over time, covered as buildings have been repainted, disappearing as buildings are demolished or replaced with modern signage equivalents. This site will be updated regularly with my latest images from New Zealand and Australia and you are invited to contribute to this work also."
Sandy suggested I might want to submit some of the images I've taken and put up here over the time the blog's been going. I might do -- I'll see how I'm doing for time.

Here's three from earlier posts, anyway. And (update) a link sent through from Paul via the comments below: Tattered Bookmarks on the Sydney-Eye blog.


  1. Interesting shots, have to be on the lookout myself. Just a few days ago, Julie of Sydney
    had a similar post in that part of the world.
    Best wishes.

  2. Thanks, Paul -- I'll update the post above with that link. Cheers!

  3. Great Stuff Ice! I'll have to check this out. Fantastic thanks for blogging about this!

  4. We've been doing the same in Melbourne, Australia. We've been featured in the highest selling paper, on the national broadcaster and won a Google award for the map.

  5. Many thanks for this, Mr. Molloy. I've added the link in to a fresh post here.