Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The wrong way to get hooked

This from the Ohinemuri Gazette, 10 October 1913, regarding John Mildenhall of Kitchener Hamlet (now the Holly Street, formerly Rifle Range Road, area) here in Avondale:

An old man named John Mildenhall, aged 64 years, residing at Rifle Range Road, Avondale, was the victim of a singular accident this week. Some time ago Mildenhall lost one of his hands, and has since used a steel hook  in its place. While he was trying to catch a young colt in a paddock the hook caught in the bridle of the running horse with the result that the old man was thrown violently to the ground and was dragged for some distance. The hook became detached from the bridle, but unfortunately again caught in the horse's cover, and the horse dragged Mildenhall along the ground for a further distance, until the straps on the hook broke. Dr Rossiter attended to the injured man, and ordered his removal to the Auckland Hospital, where he is now making as good progress as can be expected.
Despite the concerns to the contrary, he was certainly a tough cookie: I have found him still there on the hamlet down to 1926 according to the Wises directories.


  1. Crikey! They were made of sterner stuff back then.

  2. Gawd, like Sandy said, they were tough as old boots back in those days!