Saturday, August 21, 2010

Art in Eden Valley

Eden Valley Shops, the last shopping centre along Dominion Road before you hit the start of the CBD, at first didn't seem to offer much in the way of photo opportunities.

It's in the shadow of Eden Park, the reconstruction of which in time for next year's Rugby World Cup dominates not only this landscape, but that of Auckland itself in political and economic terms.

Just walking past that, on my way from Sandringham to Dominion Roads, made me feel sorry for residents there. Loud, loud, loud noise ...

A comfort stop, though, changed my view of this shopping centre in terms of its art.

Along the interior walls, separated by white tiles, are some lovely patterned ones.

And then, I started to notice adornment on the buildings.

Below are painted doors from Antique Alley, who gave me kind permission to photograph while the shop was open. Great antiques place, by the way. Well worth a long, long browse.

Vegetation springs up in unexpected places ...

And then, there's the architecture.

The Auckland Meat Company building, from the early part of last century, was up until recently painted in garish colours and swathed in billboards. It looks great now.

Dominion Road Methodist Church.

Pillars guarding an entry to who knows where.

And to finish off -- the sea.

Guardians of sunken wrecks, and the 45 minute parking zone.

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