Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Painted wall in Mt Roskill

Local historian Leigh Kennaway sent this shot in overnight (addressing me as "Dear Mural Lady". Heh!). It was taken at the corner of Potter and O'Donnell Avenues in Mt Roskill. As he said in his email -- a strange choice of subject, colonial-era villas and cottages, given that this part of the isthmus is primarily post World War II state houses, built for returning servicemen and their families. The 1940 aerials show that precise spot was just open fields back then. Leigh asked: Possibly the original farmhouse in the area?  This was part of the local Wesleyan Mission Trust farms property, so -- I don't know. By 1940, if there was an original farmhouse, it had gone. I have a pretty coloured survey map of the area dated from 1923, showing proposed cul-de-sacs which never came to pass.

Very pretty mural, though.


  1. Whatever the reasoning behind it, it's a damn fine choice and looks great !
    Again, send the artist over this side of the ditch, there's a few projects he could redecorate in a similar vein.
    Starting with the not-so-pretty facade of our planning minister...!

  2. I 'think' this building was a venetian blind shop (if it is just along from Wesley Primary) about 20 years ago?

  3. Thanks, Cat. Today's aerial shows that Wesley Primary is just along the road from that corner, yes.

  4. Have just double checked with Mum and as far as her memory goes back (working at Wesley Primary since 1971) this was always a Venentian Blind Cleaning shop.

  5. Hi...this was done by mt roskill community board in late 2009/early 2010. it reflects the early stages of the area where there were only a handful of old colonial homes in the area and was researched by the artist prior to commissioning. give me a call at the local board office. nigel turnbull, deputy chair, puketapapa local board 021400880

  6. Hi Nigel,

    Just sent you an email. Feel free to provide further information on the establishment of these very interesting murals. What research was done, for example?