Sunday, August 8, 2010

The shrubbery thieves of Titirangi

This, from the NZ Herald, 3 October 1928.

Residents of Tititrangi have suffered considerably at the hands of trespassers in search of shrubs and ferns.

The Auckland Automobile Association yesterday received a letterv from a property owner, who has been harrassed by the frequent visitations of motoring parties, who recognise no boundaries. The writer states that picnic parties often park their motor-cars across private gateways and then enter the properties to root up flowers and plants. Last Sunday some motorists camped at the writer's gate and then prowled in a private gully, removing primroses and daffodils. Their excuse was that they thought they were in wild bush, but the property owner considered the apology was weak, since the flowers were not native, and the presence of a camping whare hardly justified the assumption that the area was "no man's land."

The secretary of the Automobile Association, Mr G W Hutchison, stated there was justification for complaint. It was regrettable that some motorists could not consider the rights of property owners. Such abuses by the few restricted privileges for the great majority.

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  1. So sad that one's shrubbery was being ill-used like this.