Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flight of the goose

From Auckland Evening Star, 19 July 1875.

"A gentleman in Symonds-street bought a goose on Saturday, and the goose was brought by a boy in a cart secured, it was thought, in a wicker-work frame. The arrival of Sunday's dinner was announced, and the purchaser came to the door, waiting while the little boy ran down the steps to fetch up the goose. While doing so, the goose as if anxious to be eaten by the purchaser, flew out of its cage towards the house. The boy made a plunge to catch it, when it rose on its wings, soared over the boy's head, over the cart, over the house of its purchaser, over in fact everything which could have any claim to it.

"Then, without further delay stretching its broad pinions, "Sunday's Dinner" swept down the valley towards the Domain, wheeled round in the direction of Fraser and Tinne's Foundry, and though still to memory dear was lost to sight.

"A gentleman on horseback who was standing by the cart was asked by the boy if he would mind galloping after the goose and catch it, but as the horse could not fly, nor follow after the goose up sewers and drain pipes or where ever it might choose to run, the horseman declined the chase."

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  1. LOL
    The reporters certainly had a way with words back then :)