Saturday, February 7, 2009

Glenbrook visit 2009: first post

A couple of very good friends of mine offered me a seat in their car for a trip to Glenbrook, down in Franklin district, to see the Glenbrook Volunteer Railway open day. This even happened once ever two or three years. Last one was in 2007, and I had a great time then.

This time, I've come home really drained (had way too much fun with old trains, vehicles, military re-enactments and withstanding a truly sizzling hot day down there), so this is just Glenbrook Posts part 1.

These shots were taken at the end of the outing, at Morley Road crossing. Nothing fancy, I just use an ordinary digital camera, no tripod an' stuff -- but I got what I wanted which was a shot or two of an old-style train along with an old-style flag station building.

A video of the locomotive, GVR No. 2 Ww644, is available on YouTube here. Its sound in real life is incredible, coming up the inclines.

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  1. Love the photos, the old girl looks very impressive :)