Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gifts from an American friend

Slightly off the NZ heritage theme to this blog ...

A very dear friend of mine, Bill from Where To, Bud?, has sent me a wonderful package from the States. Bill, when you read this, you dear soul -- the T-shirt (above) is gorgeous, and I'll be wearing it tomorrow when I give a talk at the Auckland Central Library on "The Value of Local History." I've been quite worried and strung out the past few weeks about the speech. (Will I be eloquent enough? Will I freeze? What on earth do I say??) But you, via your lovely gift, has probably come along just in the nick of time. That shirt is special -- and I'll wear it tomorrow with pride and a lot of love and regard, Bill. It will lend me nerve.

Bill's box has lots of other really cool stuff (I'm so utterly spoiled, thank you!) -- including this knight.

I love stuff about heraldry, chivalry, knights in armour, and medieval themes. I just adore this figurine (heavy wee begger it is, too! Feels old fashioned to lift and touch -- my kind of ornament!)

Thank you, Bill. You are indeed a very special person, and thanks for being part of my world.

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  1. Dear Lisa

    Thank YOU for being there for me through the years. You and I have never met, yet I feel the bond of friendship very strongly in both of us,

    It was my pleasure to send you a little bit of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and I thank you also for your many kindnesses.

    I am truly blessed.