Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glenbrook visit 2009: last post

Some of the cars on display this year:

A NZR road services bus. Replaced these days by InterCity coaches. Bus history is another interest of mine. Probably tacks on from my general interest in the horse-drawn mass transport (omnibuses) which buses replaced. Be warned -- if I get a chance to visit MOTAT again and I have a camera with me, you folk could be facing a blog post full of old buses ...

An "1898 Columbia Shaft Drive", according to the hand-lettered sign resting against the wheel. Other early bicycles here.

A "White Steam Carriage" or steamer -- a car powered by steam engine. Oddly enough, the firm who built this around the turn of the 20th century was originally a sewing machine manufacturer. More on the company, and the cars, here. The firm still exists, apparently -- making trucks and buses.

Below are photos from the 2007 visit to Glenbrook's open day:

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  1. Phwoar, those vehicles are gorgeous, full of character and personality.