Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Riversdale Manufacturing Company shareholder's list August 1883

Further to the Riversdale Manufacturing Company posts ...

Here is the list of shareholders in the Riversdale Manufacturing Company (who owned the Bell & Gemmell tannery beside the upper Whau River between today's Olympic Park and the Great North Road bridge:

Henry James Bell, tanner,1000 shares
George Hemus, bootmaker, 1000 shares
W S Hampson, tanner, Auckland, 10 shares
Joseph Potter, Auckland, merchant, 1125 shares
John Batger, Auckland, accountant, 1125 shares
James McCosh Clark, warehouseman, 1000 shares
Edward Ernest Harker, clerk, 1000 shares
John Potter Hooton, Auckland, 250 shares
John Buchanan, merchant, 1000 shares
Henry Charles Choyce, draper, 50 shares
John Twileigh Hunt, draper. Otahuhu, 20 shares
Harvey Potter, Auckland accountant, 100 shares
Helen Watson Webster, Pukekohe, 100 shares
William Hootan, Auckland accountant, 250 shares
Peter Matzen, wool stapler, Auckland, 100 shares
John Slyfield, Auckland salesman, 20 shares
John Roberton, Auckland, gentleman, 300 shares
James Wiseman, saddler, 50 shares
Robert Somerville, Avondale, clergyman, 200 shares
Matthias Whitehead, Thames bootmaker, 25 shares
Thomas Thompson, Auckland grocer, 200 shares
John Buchanan, insurance agent, Auckland, 100 shares
Walter Binsted, Auckland butcher, 50 shares
Frederick Davies, Auckland bootmaker, 40 shares
Thomas Russell, London, gentleman, 1000 shares

(Source: Archives NZ file, "Riversdale Manufacturing Company Ltd, 1881-1884, BADZ 5181/36/227188/24)

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