Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Aucklander's article on Miss Newey's cottage

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Last Thursday, the Aucklander was the first to take up the story of Miss Newey's cottage, out at Hobsonville at the present time and looking for a home back in Henderson where it was built.

Trevor Pollard, Graham Foster and I have received memory snippets about Miss Newey from the public, with a member of the local bowling club obtaining this image of her as President of the club. Another caller and her sister sent us a copy of a photo of a class at Orakei school in 1948, where Miss Newey taught for a time (commuting all the way over there from Henderson).

Another person dropped in to Henderson school just recently a photograph of that school's pupils in the 1950s or 1960s, being taught a lesson amongst orchard trees, with someone who does look like our Miss Eileen Newey.

As yet, we still don't know which way this will go. We've yet to hear back from Auckland Council or the Henderson-Massey Local Board as to whether there might be a spot for the cottage at Tui Glen in Henderson.  Our fingers are still crossed.

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  1. The Cottage has memories for many in Henderson including myself. My mother recalls Miss Newey as well and was shocked to know it faced possible destruction. It has heritage value and for anyone to say that it has no merit tell that to those who remember the cottage well myself included. Auckland Council please sit up and take note of this little gem of heritage and help to put in place a solution to help to save it.