Thursday, March 22, 2012

Still hoping for the Queen's Head façade

Latest news in today's Herald:
Yesterday independent commissioners Harry Bhana and John Hill said the resource consent application to the Auckland Council should be notified for a public hearing. They said although this would probably draw subjective and emotive submissions it was also likely to provoke wider discussion about alternative methods of dealing with the historically significant facade.

As part of the notification process, the Historic Place[s] Trust would be alerted.

Trust heritage architecture adviser Robin Byron told the council hearings committee the facade was the work of architects Edward Mahoney & Son. Although the tavern was registered as a Category II historic place, no review had been carried out on the surviving piece to assess whether it warranted that registration. Ms Byron said the 1988 building and the facade had an "unfortunate and incongruous relationship".
Good to idea that public notification has been recommended. We should all have an opportunity to have a say in matters where our visible heritage is at risk. I don't know how this will play out -- but I'll still keep on hoping.


  1. Oh yes it is a good idea I agree. I'll be making one. Too iconic and special to be wiped from existence. Facade or not it needs to remain.

  2. I see an advert on TradeMe for the shopping mall is showing that the building without the facade.
    Has this part of Auckland finally given way to "progress" or is the developer being over confident.

  3. Don't know. You'd need to give Auckland Council a call, possibly, to find out if they've given way, despite the heritage, and the NZHPT opposition. It would be a shame if they have.