Thursday, March 8, 2012

An old fashioned front window

I passed this window by yesterday, heading down Wellesley Street West, just up from Elliott. Why did I take the photo (with the owner's permission)? Because this is the way I remember seeing shop windows as I grew up, especially dairies, butchers, stationers, haberdashers and small hardware stores. Items the store has to sell, displayed in the window, for passersby to see, and stop, and think, "You know, I think I fancy having that today ..."

The owner said he did this for his customers. It's a great potential drawcard for his business -- certainly attracted my notice.

These days, I see so many stores where they treat that front window as just another wall, instead of a three-dimensional permanent ad for the shop's contents, always ready to be changed around, the scope limited only by imagination.

This example is simple, compared to the seemingly top-to-bottom examples I can still fondly recall, but -- it brought back those memories for me.

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