Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Images of the earthquake at Napier, 1931

Got these via a Trade Me auction just recently.  These images have appeared in publications before now -- but even so, and after all the years since February 3, 1931, they have still not lost their emotive power.

The Hawke's Bay Earthquake was magnitude 7.8, with 256 casualties and thousands injured. In comparison, Christchurch's 22 February 2011 earthquake was magnitude 6.3, with 185 casualties. Like San Francisco in 1906, fire in Napier was a factor in the destruction and loss of life.


  1. Superb photos. Napier reinvented itself, well, perhaps it wasn't described as such then. Can we hope Christchurch will recreate itself successfully?

  2. WOW - WOW - WOW what thought provoking photos

  3. Incredible!!!! Those are really amazing images of a terrible event nobody can ever forget. I recall my father showing me how the waterfront had been lifted up by the 1931 quake when we visited Napier many years back. These images really hit home of how devastating mother nature can truly be.

  4. AMAZING snaps of the time Lisa! Truly amazing. Their power is no less now either, so many decades down the track.

    @Andrew...i'm sure Christchurch will reinvent itself :) .. it will be different that's all.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. P.S. Dr Moore's private hospital is freaky!!!!!


  6. These are awesome Lisa! As far as I know my grandmother's family lived in Ahuriri Napier near the wharf, on hospital hill.