Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A mural in Queen's Arcade

I've been in Queen's Arcade in the central city a few times. Mainly to look at Marbeck's music store, but today I went up to the second floor via escalator, transacted some business, then headed back towards where I saw there was a down escalator. Then noticed quite possibly one of the, if not the most, coolest of the stairwells of Auckland.

The only identifier I saw (see bottom image) was "Lamplit Stage '93", plus a mobile number. Has this been here since 1993? Whoever the artist is, there is a wonderful blending of the work with the architecture.

The seagull sitting on the stairwell ornament.

That looks awfully like Rangitoto in the background, and Queen's Wharf mid-foreground.

In one window, a well-dressed Victorian-Edwardian gent checks the time ...

... while a mouse looks on.

Down below, a pianist practices.

Amongst the palms, sculpture in the garden.

The name of the artist (?) with a dripping paintbrush left carelessly on the real banister.

Auckland never ceases to surprise.


  1. Wonderful. Clearly he was paid for the work and certainly deserves to be. Being a tourist in your own town can be very fulfilling.

  2. Stunning work reminds me of the paintings of Venice I've seen in some the art sites I visit from time to time. Love it. Well worth your escape out today. Love it! And I'm in love with the artists work.

  3. My wife remembers seeing it being painted, and the date would have been about 1993.

  4. Thanks, Anonymous! Great knowing the date is confirmed, cheers!