Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boxes in Newmarket ... and a survivor in Grafton

The first two are on Broadway in the middle of Newmarket shops. I couldn't make out the artist for this power box ...

But this semi-abstract traffic box is by Doug Ford.

Today, coming along from Grafton Train Station beside Outhwaite Park, I spotted a survivor. Back in July last year I had despaired for a box and its artwork as roadworks proceeded all around it. Well, today -- it's still there.

It still looks like its been through the wars, but -- at least it's there. And this time, I got to have a look at the back.


  1. ohhhh that first one is so close to the one i told you about a couple of posts back....the one that looks like buttoned upholstery with some sort of chrome circular thing painted on it LOL! It's outside vodafone shop ..near 24 hour Broadway pharmacy :-)

    I like that first one especially too though...reminds me of Dr Seuss.

  2. The buttoned upholstery one is linked, I'd say, with the artwork along the Western Line rail entrance at Newmarket. Same artist too, I'd expect. Interesting how they decided to extend that pattern to the box, though.

    Anhd you're right, Sandy -- that first one does look a bit like a Dr. Seuss landscape!

  3. I remember Doug Ford's name from previous works you've posted about, he's very talented (ship him over the ditch *wink wink*).
    Love the penguin :)