Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Otahuhu heritage murals

Two more from the Otahuhu Historical Society's email newsletter Otahuhu Despatch. For earlier post, see here.

From  the May issue:
"This ...mural shows the staff of Andrew and Andrew leaving the premises in Great South Road, Otahuhu for a picnic at St Heliers Bay from 1909 [it] advertises Andrew and Andrew as commercial stables, livery and bait stables with buses, brakes and buggies on hire.

"In 1878 Frank Andrew moved to Otahuhu and set up the firm of F. Andrew and Sons, Seed, Grain and General Merchants and Omnibus Proprietors. This firm ran the first bus service between Otahuhu and Auckland and included a large stable of horses. Following the death of Frank Andrew in 1899 the business was split with one son, John W. Andrew going into partnership as Andrew and Lloyd and continuing the grain and produce business. In 1908 John shifted to Auckland and founded John W. Andrew and Sons, Auckland’s first Ford motor vehicle franchise holder. Two other sons, Fred and Bill, started operations in Otahuhu as Andrew and Andrew."

From the June issue:
"This second mural shows Alby Greenhalgh driving the Speedy van and dates from 1926. Albert, known as Alby to friends but always called Greenie by Mrs Andrew, worked as a driver. During his employment at Andrew and Andrew he was given a watch by Mrs Andrew that had the words “To Greenie from Mrs Andrew” engraved on the back.

"Later Alby became one of the brothers at Greenhalgh Bros. garage in the Great South Road. When he married Phyllis Mullins in 1955 he invited Mrs Andrew to the wedding at the Anglican Church in Mason Avenue, Otahuhu. She declined the invitation but asked him to introduce his new wife after the service as she lived only a few doors from the church. So, between the church and the reception at the Golden Glow in Avenue Road the newly weds were given the best wishes of Mrs Andrew on her veranda."

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