Sunday, June 13, 2010

A brief history of Auckland's urban form

A brief history of Auckland's urban form (pdf file) is a publication from the Auckland Regional Council. Worth a look if you'd like to see how the region developed from the 1840s. From the site:
"'A brief history of Auckland’s urban form' outlines the development of Auckland’s urban form, from early colonial settlement to the modern Auckland metropolis. It is challenging to encapsulate the growth of a city this size in 26 pages, and so the report aims to capture the key relevant drivers behind the growth in suburbs - including infrastructure provision, State housing and in later decades, major planning decisions.

"A main feature of this report is the series of ‘growth maps’. The report is chronological in nature, and each section (with the exception of two time periods 1880-1899 and 1990-1999) includes a map that shows growth over time in the built-up areas, as well as the development of the rail and motorway systems. These maps replicate, and continue, a series of maps first included in a 1967 article by G. T. Bloomfield on ‘The Growth of Auckland 1840- 1966’."

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