Thursday, June 24, 2010

Timespanner visits Highbury

Sandy, in a comment to an earlier post, linked to her photo of the above piece of street art in Mokoia Road, Birkenhead. So, Sandy -- thanks for the head's up. I took these shots last Sunday, while doing some Birkenhead research.

Then, there is the new library. Opened on 13 March this year, it is truly stunning. If ever you're in Highbury, go have a look. A brilliant piece of arcitecture and design. The interior (which I couldn't photograph) is even better than the exterior. And, it has its share of artworks as well.

These are quite cool, made up of words and phrases reflecting the community and local history.

Plus, a wee memorial for the anniversary of womwen's suffrage -- a plaque on a small rock.

But, walking along the main street towards Onewa Road, I found this.

Monarch butterflies have a speciual significance for me, and this one is a beauty.


  1. Oh very nice! Shame the horrid power boxes in front of the pansies are there though isn't it.

    The butterfly is fabulous! Did you know that some monarchs have been tagged.

    You have had a busy week!! Try and relax this weekend ;-)

  2. Cheers, Sandy. Oh, that'd be nice to relax -- but not all that likely this weekend. Looking forward to a bit of a break soon, though.

  3. Love the materials and designs used, very flamboyant but fitting.