Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Relic of Mangahao

This was an intriguing sight as I ducked down the side streets between the museum and Newmarket township last Saturday,  spotted on George Street. Wondering what on earth it was, I had a closer look.

This is, according to the plaque half-hidden by the bushes, a:
"... Pelton runner ... gifted to Worley by ECNZ to commemorate the Mangahao Power Station upgrading and refurbishing project 1991-1994.

"At Mangahao, the machine driven by this runner generated 872 GWh energy at 270m head from 1924 to 1993."
A Pelton runner or wheel is a water turbine, according to Wiki, the concept around since the 1870s. A bit of a pity that a piece of significant New Zealand technological and hydro-electric history is away on a side-street in an Auckland suburb. I hope it's included on a heritage walk map somewhere -- but, somehow I doubt it.


  1. That is an amazing piece of engineering. Love the photos and the post.
    Yes I hope it is included in the heritage walk map as well

  2. That's a beauty, Lisa, loved the post.
    Hope it's remembered somewhere!

  3. Wow what a piece of engineering art! Nice spotting girl!

  4. Cheers, folks. I just love it when stunning things like that appear where you least expect them in Auckland (even better when I can share them with folks reading Timespanner!)